Hi Sir. I had a relation with an 18 year old girl who proposed me in January ’08. Since then we both loved each other very much. Our parents knew about our relationship. We enjoyed our best each of the romantic moments of our life. Even we were involved in physical relation several times and she gave her everything without any inertness. But unexpectedly on 5th August ’09 she told me that she loves someone else and she married him that day. Later I have known that the relation with him was growing for the last 2 months and the guy knew everything about our relationship. Now I want to know was she normal or a psycho patient. Will they be happy? Should I tell this to my would-be wife?

She is a cheat. Consider that you are saved for rest of your life. Any girl having active physical relationship and simultaneously involved in serious relationship with someone else is not trustworthy. She is not worth remembering, thank God and move on in life.