Hi, I’m residing in New Delhi. I would like to seek advice relating to my mother. My mother gets very angry at times like she is having some kinds of anger bursts. It is also harming her health a lot. Its not normal anger bursts because she gets excited on very small topics and she being a High BP patient worsen her situation. I guess she needs some kind of anger management therapy. Can you please tell me if there are any Anger management centers in Delhi? I prefer centers rather than individual psychiatric counseling because it maybe more appealing to her as in some therapy is actually taking place rather than the same old counseling which to many is a waste of time , though I personally disagree with that notion.

Uncontrolled anger is one of the very important symptoms of many psychiatric illnesses. Impulse control disorders and Depression are most common amongst females. Her episodic outbursts and out of proportion quality is in favor of Impulse control disorder. In that case she requires medicines, preferably SSRI group of medicines. In addition Relaxation exercises like cooling pranayamas, omkar, savasan, makarasan, self hypnosis etc. can help her.