Hi, I m 26 yrs old engineer girl & now am doing a job in a private company with good salary. My problem is I am in love with the person who loves someone else. We met two years before, in starting when I proposed him, his response was positive. We had decided to marry with each other but our families were not ready due to caste problem so we decided to give some time to our families to think about, as it was not possible for both of us to marry someone else and to forget each other. Now the situation has changed he is saying that he is in love with some other girl and they are going to marry with her very soon. I just cannot explain my situation when I heard all this. I just can’t understand why he is doing like this? I love him very much and just can’t live without him but now he is not ready to keep even a friendship with me. He has forgotten everything and very happy with her new love. I cannot understand what is going on and what I should do now I want to forget him but it is not possible for me. I can’t forget him, I can’t forget that time that we spent together. What should I do now?

This proves that he had never loved you but under the name of love, he was maintaining relationship. No sooner he got his girl, you are out of his priority. You have to accept this in first place. You do not have to do anything to forget him as forgetting is an automatic process with the passage of time. If you remember the time spend with him, take it easy. Happy memories are always keeps on coming to your mental surface and you do not have to do anything to keep them away. Just try to shift your focus to your career and other relations otherwise you will be left with your emotional baggage. Decide to move on with a life rather then to freeze with painful past.