Hi, I have a 5year old son who hated going to school. We have been trying since he was 2yrs old, since he cried a lot and kept falling ill, we gave him break and tried again at 3yrs, where with a lot of crying he had to go. The school was understanding and helped him to adjust, but every day as crying sessions. Now he has joined a big school, where they do not tolerate such behavior. Even after a lot of talking and explaining, he still cries every morning and all the time in school, and even after coming home, its affecting his health and our peace. I’m on the edge all the time and have tried everything, we have tried love, anger, counseling, but nothing works. He vomits after crying, and does not eat anything and starts wheezing. He shows this kind of reaction whenever something new is started, for eg, he cried for drawing class. Swimming lessons, anything new we make him do he resists. What do you suggest is the best way to handle him? School is no option, he has to go

You did a mistake by starting so early. 2 years is not an age for sending a child to school. At this age, most of the children are having separation anxiety (anxiety about getting separated from parents, family or familiar environment). Forcing child to go to school before he can overcome his separation anxiety will result in School Phobia. Crying is one of the symptoms of School Phobia. You have tried every thing that means your problem is already messed up.  Please consult psychiatrist near by. Remember patience is the key.