Hi, I got engaged to a girl on September 2008 and her family has given us the following information before getting engaged: She has a sister who has married a boy in the other religion and we are not in touch with her anymore and we have only one daughter. She is good at studies and has 80% in her MSC biotechnology (she was doing final year MSC at that time). I am more interested in education and in fact I am the founder of an educational trust to help the poor students in rural areas. So I said OK thinking that she is good at her studies. Even when I was talking with her before engagement she has accepted to pursue higher studies. But soon after the engagement we came to know that the family is in close association with her sister. What really hurt me is that not the relationship they had with her sister, but the fact that they have cheated us by giving us the false information. Our family would have been given a chance to consider this issue and decide but not getting convinced after knowing the real fact. Then the other issue is that now she is telling that she is not at all interested in studies and that too she is not good at studies. Her percentage is not 80% and she had two arrears. Even she told me that I know if I would have told you the truth, you would have stopped the engagement and you can do whatever you want now including stopping the marriage. I am speechless now. In addition to all these a boy called me introducing himself as her lover and even she confirmed that she was in touch with him earlier but not now. I am totally in depression now. Her father is a heart patient and if I stop the marriage and if something happens to her father, the society may blame me saying that I am the reason for everything. I can’t explain to each and everyone that there is no fault on my side. I can’t concentrate on my work properly and I am getting worst mentally day by day without knowing how to get out of this problem. Please advise me and help me to get out of this issue!!!

You have been cheated. It is better to leave her than suffering throughout the life. Think about yourself first and then her father and society. They should have thought about her father’s health and consequences and not you.