Hi I am married to a man who is professionally doing amazingly well. I have always been and still am proud of his achievements. We have been married for 15 yrs and have two lovely sons. I always cut myself out from friends and family looking after home and kids. as time passed and kids grew older I began sharing my disappointments and confusions with my siblings as my husband always felt it was a waste of time talking about feelings as all was well his side. Whenever I share my dreams or sorrows he would ignore or snap. We had good sex life. I convinced myself that it was his way of expressing love. A year back he was posted for an important assignment abroad, I was in a low state of mind in our previous posting. I was suffering from severe piles but could not get proper treatment because of preoccupation with social commitments that entailed from being his spouse in that imp post. As we were to now move abroad I had prioritised my health and children as top on my list. This upset my husband as I insisted that he should proceed for his posting and I shall join him later. So upset was he that he submitted his resignation which was not granted but his posting got cancelled. instead he has now been placed in another plum job near pune. As he had to move out I quit my job to be able to manage my child properly. He professes love to me. I am emotionally dependent on him. but of late he has become vitriolic about the space I share with my sisters even though it is telephonic and blames me for his unhappiness. The past two years, in spite of my telling him that I was only taking care of my health for the sake of family, he remains unconvinced insisting that I pulled the rug under his feet following wrong advise given to me by my sisters. I keep reminding him that something must be wrong between us why blame others, then he says he is trying to protect the family by talking like this. I feel blue bewildered and lost by such talk by such an intelligent man. I love him so. But then it seems he always is trying to break my spirit by trying to control every aspect of my life. Pl help

Intelligence does not guarantee you other virtues in personality. Very often intellectual people are self cantered. They see and interpret in their own way, while doing so, they may go irrational and inconsiderate. Probably your husband is one of them. It was his impulsive decision to cancel the assignment and now he blames you for that, it is a face saving approach intellectual people adapt to protect their egos. Accept it as his personal weakness, which he never going to accept and do not waste your time/energy for this. There is nothing wrong in giving priority to one’s own health and you should always do that. Accept that his priorities are different. You should share your feelings with one with whom you are comfortable. If he has a problem, do not let him know! I’m teaching you to live for yourself; you owe something to you also.