Hi, I am married before 2.5 years ago & I have a baby, she is beautiful & loving. She is 1.5 years old. When I sleep with my wife at night I want instantly sex with her but she refuses. She tells me to wait for some time like between 12 to 1 pm. but sir my work is hard during the day so I m tired at night when reached home between 9 to 11. Now I think I will make good sex relation with any other girl or lady who will be supportive to me very well more than my hope. Now please let me give right suggestion. I hope to get your reply very soon. thanking you,

I think you should discuss this with your wife. Make her aware about your unfulfilled sexual desire and urge to get it from outside. I’m sure she will understand and cooperate. You may either change your time for sex or try to set baby’s routine in such a way that she sleeps early. Just looking for outlets without trying to resolve your problem is not a good practice on moral ground.