Hi I am from India, 32 years unmarried girl, deeply involved in a loving relation with a married man. Inspite of knowing the fact he is married I fell into love, please don’t misunderstand me, I want some guidance, I can never forget him and having a lot of pain. As I am trying to marry someone else, this person fore played with me but not done intercourse, as I told him not to do anything else. Please don’t take me wrong, I truly loved him, he says I should get married and he will be with me like this forever. I am unable to understand why God has given me such trauma, I worked for 10 years in the office and now I am nowhere. I am still unmarried, still virgin; again jobless and some time feel like committing suicide. I want to make my self happy. All my feelings are ruined and I can never love anyone, how to pretend to love my would be husband, I don’t want to break my friendship with this man as I feel he can’t misuse me like this. He also says he will be my friend forever but sometimes I feel he is just bearing me as I know everything about him or may be feeling pity on me as he realized I love him badly. He commits he loves me too but can’t leave his family. Please suggest me how to live my life. I have always been a happy person. Everyone tells me to leave him and it gives me a shock. How will I face my husband that I loved someone and can’t love anyone else? I know this person is happy with his wife and kids and I am dying day by day, Please save me. How to forget him, sometimes I curse him which I don’t want to. He has many of my pictures which make me tensed too. However they are not nude.

I understand your love for him but you should not forget that life runs on realities and not on blind emotions. And the realities of your life are: he is married, he is happy with his own family; you are an outsider and will always remain so (you may not like this word but its bitter truth). You have to prepare your mind to accept that this relation does not have any future and  for your better future you have to put an end to it.