Hi, I am a married female for the last 14 yrs. we both are happy. Few years back I started going online and started talking to males. In real I was quiet and shy before coming to world of chatting. Slowly I got addicted to chatting. Two years back I met (online) a male from Kolkata living in UAE. I am a Muslim Pakistani woman. He is Hindu Indian married male for the last 24 years. He is 46 and so is his wife. Now problem is that he used to pamper me a lot. He used to ring me up every day. He used to send me sms. We shared our pasts too. He has some fantasies .he used to share with me. But never told me that these all are his fantasies. I met him personally in UAE. We both felt good meeting each others. He then started asking me and my husband to apply for some job in UAE. He helped us. Now when dreams are going to happen in real, I mean my husband got a job in UAE and we are planning to move to UAE he is totally changed. He is telling me again and again how much he loves his wife. Now he is running away from me, telling me immature. He is saying dreams and reality are separate. We should not mix them. But seriously he never ever told me that all he said was his dreams. I’m very depressed all these days because of his changed behaviour. He says he won’t meet us. And suppose if they will meet us he will not talk to me. They will be just casual friends. He does not want any extramarital affair in real now. Last year when we met we were physical too. I don’t understand what is bothering him now? Why he is running away now? What should I say or do? I’m so feeling really down and unable to understand why he is behaving like that? Now when the dreams are just becoming reality what frightens him? Before that he was forcing us to move to UAE. He searched jobs for us and talked to concerned people. Can u please guide me in this case? What should I say or do? How can we fix things? Or should I give up?

I think he is not ready to disturb his own life. So far you were away, he was enjoying the relation but once you are physically around his responsibility is going to increase and he may not be ready for that. Why he helped you to come to UAE is seems to be mystery, probably he might just wanted to please you but would have never thought seriously that this will work out. Now that it has worked out, against his expectation, he is running away because of above said reasons. You should continue going to UAE, not for him but if work and future scope is worth.