Hi, I am 30 years old software Engineer working for a MNC Company. I am married for last 3 years. My husband is cool & very reserved in nature. However, he gets angry very often for any small reason & he is not able to control his anger. We do fight for very small reason & he simply breaks up. I am very much disturbed about our relationship & so many times, we thought of divorce but my parents & in-laws against this. Even he is not interested to talk in this matter. Please advise me what to do. Thank you,

Anger has many hidden reasons. You need to work on it. Following questions, you need to answer for finding out the solution.
1. Is he getting angry with every one?
2. Is he short tempered by nature?
3. Is he frustrated on any front like work, money, relationship etc?
4. Does anger runs in the family?
These are some of the basic questions, which will help you to identify cause of anger and then you deal with it accordingly. You may require professional intervention if things are not possible to worked out at your end.