Hi, I am 28 years old. I am married and have a very loving and understanding husband. He is my life. My problem is that before marriage I used to masturbate. Due to this I am become satisfied very soon. My husband is two years younger to me may this is the reason or may be that I am working so I have to manage both the things properly I get very tired and want sex just twice or once a wk. My husband is always ready for it. I know its a problem with me that I don’t enjoy sex that much and since is get over very soon it loosens my interest in between also. Secondly, I don’t like oral sex. I just hate to put something like that in my mouth though my husband enjoys it a lot so I do it for his pleasure. Pls tell me what I can do to increase my sexual desire as it may harm my lovely married life.

Low sexual desire may have many reasons. I need to know more about your rearing, early sexual experiences and fantasies etc.
Many women do not like oral sex. You can discuss your preferences with your husband because this may be one of the factors which might be putting you off.
To increase your desire you need to spend good romantic time with each other. Discuss your turn on and turn off with each other. Visual stimulation in form of photographs, movies or fantasizing can help you getting excited.