Hi, I am 27 Years old unmarried boy living alone in Mumbai due to my job. My parents stay at their native place far away. When I was less than 3 years old, I was sexually harassed by my own cousin around 15 years elder to me. This continued for long and slowly I got involved in it by my own will. However, it was not regular and used to happen once in months. When he got married, it didn’t happened again. I started feeling attracted for men rather than girls during these events. I grew up and felt quite ashamed of the past. I felt my behaviour too had that impact of liking men over girls. I tried my best to change and to some extent I got successful. Past 5-6 years, I feel my liking for girls have increased, but its somewhere looks like a pressurized feeling. I want to get married, have kids and lead a normal man’s life. I still feel attracted to men, but do not want to go that way at all. My personal choice has to be linked only to 1 girl, my wife. Physically, I am fit; I get full erection and can masturbate for long without any concerns. But, is this a good criterion to decide? But I really feel scared, that I will be able to justify my love for my wife. Whether, all will go fine after marriage or not. I can’t take risk of risking a girl’s life just like that. Please help me find out what usually happens in such cases. Will I ever be able to come out of this? The very thought of a failure in marriage kills me. It’s a suicidal feeling. Waiting for your reply. Please mail me your contact details, want to talk to you personally.

Homosexuality is deep rooted problem. You have to seek professional help to overcome it. Consult nearby Psychiatrist or go for online therapy. My contact no. is +91 98259 20555/ Email: malefemale.in1@gmail.com