Hi, I am 20 years old student. I was in love with my friend who is of my age for past four years. She is my schoolmate & we were in same college. I asked her & she said yes. After XIIth, we change our steams but we maintained healthy relationship. We had a healthy relationship for three years. Last year a boy came into her life & started attracting her & she felt attracted. Our relation was broken. At last, she realized her mistake & left him. she feels guilty & did not come back to me. I forgave her & we started our relation again but that boy, who has already created place in her life; was in touch with her. Although she knows his reality that his intension was no more than physical she can’t completely devote her to me. This thing created some clashes between us. She lost her academic year because of her poor attendance. She asked for a drop & she in Job now in BPO. This Diwali I gave her own time to leave him properly so we will not fight in future. During this time, she changed her job & joined well-known BPO. she was calling me once in week, that time she told me that she was meeting him every day before going to office & they were getting physically closer day by day. I said her to be cautious. In mid December, when I started to call her after 30-40 days her attitude towards me was completely different. She doesn’t want my call. She avoids meeting me. She was busy with that boy & her new office friends. In Christmas, she meet me & she was behaving well but soon after that, her behaviour changed & started to fight on every single issue. Now this week she is engaged with her boss & soon they will marry. Her elder sister consoles, “I know it’s not your mistake but I can’t do anything against my family. She has sympathy for me. She calls me & looking after me. Her family supports me but they can’t do anything against her .did I loved a wrong girl? I know her since my childhood & past four years I am love her. Its difficult for me to forget her & being normal. plz help, give some suggestions.

From your mail, I guess; she was never serious about relationship with you. You have loved wrong girl. Try to distract your mind from this relation and engage yourself to your other relationships.