Hi dr. I am facing very difficult situation now. I have been married since 10 months but we don’t have physical relationship between us. Ours were arranged marriage though we got an option to meet two times before getting married and talked several times on phone and through email. We both are from a well reputed and educated family. My husband went abroad for higher education and is there since 10 yrs. I completed all my studies from a small town. We both have same educational background. He is 35 and I am 27 yr old. When we started our conversation I told him that I am about average in studies but would like to do hard work and to do further studies there and so as will improve my communication also. Though, it was not up to that level to survive in abroad. We both met through a relative and everything happened well until I went abroad. Now he has started observing me, my behaviour. I am a gregarious person and have been loving member to my family and friends. I am good looking too. but my husband doesn’t think so. He is a very nice and humble person but he just became uncomfortable whenever we go in any party or somewhere. I am very simple girl but trying to learn all the style and adas which attracts man. I have changed my personality a lot but still it is not worth for him. I am not blaming him and can understand it is not his fault but from my side I really need some time to improve. I am smart enough to adjust myself anywhere but he thinks I don’t know the living standard and don’t know how to talk. I don’t know club culture and so on. So he always avoids taking me there. All of his friends know that I have to work on my communication and thus they talk to me in my mother tongue. And it bothers him because he thinks that I am treating differently here and I am out of crowd. we both take care of each other .I always follow whatever he says, and working on everything what he wants. Our relationship is like a good friend living together. He never touch me, and whenever I tried to make love he always says, I am busy and to finish a lot of work. I can’t tell these things to my family because they are very happy to see me in a very good family, I can’t tell these things to my in laws because they are very happy to get me as a daughter in law. Everyone else is happy and we always got compliments like couple made for each other etc. we both look good together now I am not able even to think what I should do. I haven’t hurt anyone. I am an introvert person can’t share my feelings to anyone. Sometimes I thought I should commit suicide but I don’t want to be a looser. I am ready to face any situation. But really need help from you. I hope you will be able to guide me what should I do. pls help me

I do not think that your poor communication skill in foreign language or ignorance about club culture has much to do with problem in sex life. Ten months is not a short time to start physical relationship. While indulging in sexual activity men hardly think about other things like your communication skills, language, hi-fi attitude etc. His turn on is more likely to be your look, your body and how you carry yourself. He might be suffering from some sexual inadequacies or misconception. Rather than playing around, discuss with him in a very plain manner. Do not blame him but talk about your desire to have the sex and try to figure out why he is keeping himself away.