Hi doctor, please help me. I love a girl for past eight years. We had sexual relationship many times and she got pregnant and aborted. After that we had some misunderstanding between us. She will doubt me when I spoke to other girls. So I too started saying about her. But last week I came to know that she chatted with her friend (Male) about sex. That guy has called her for sex she too went with that guy. But she says that they did all except fucking. Can I trust her. She accepts they both were nude but not fucked because she can’t do with other guy other than me. Can I trust her words or they would have fucked? Please doctor, help me. I wish to marry her in future if I came to know they have fucked, I will be broken. Please guide me doctor.

They were nude, doing all sort of erotic activity but she did not go for intercourse because she was committed to you! What an explanation!! I do not think this would have been possible as both of them nude and having other sexual activity. In any case she has not revealed this to you but you have found out on your own, that means she has cheated. I do not think you will be comfortable with her in future with this doubt running at the back of your mind.