Hi doctor, I have an unusual problem and don’t know whom to approach. I also request to answer to my query to my mail id. My problem is that when I speak to people I usually stare into their eyes, which I don’t do purposefully. This problem started when I was in my 12 Std. I am not sure whether this is because I day dream a lot and don’t blink often. But now I am very depressed coz I usually avoid speaking to people and even if I do I don’t look at their face and speak. I feel very odd about myself. People think wrong about me and I somehow want to get rid of this problem. I am also very overcautious about myself that I don’t feel comfortable at all in public. I am also very much depressed coz I look much older than my age and my relatives keep saying that I am dark and from where do we search a guy for her. Thinking about all these I cry when very depressed. Please help me in getting rid of this problem.

There is difference between looking and starring. Looking into some one’s eyes, while talking to him/her, is desirable. Difference lies in blinking. If you can manage to talk to someone without looking to their face then why can’t you manage to blink in-between? It is a matter of practice. You have negative self-image because of your complexion and other people’s comment. You have to build up positive image for yourself by accepting the facts which you cannot change. Once you have positive self-image your social phobia and depressed feelings will start getting better.