Hi doctor, I have a problem which I have been trying, and thinking would resolve with time but nothing positive. I went for studies from Delhi to Mangalore. After some time my hairs started falling. My hairline reduced gradually and I started to become bald from side. I tried by getting totally bald also, there were black small patches of dandruff. At that time have dandruff on my head throughout the year and in winters it goes out of hand. Some time back I had an accident, had a fracture in my hand. After more than 6months the pain is still there in my wrist, my wrist had broken at that time. After some time I noticed my hairs from the chest are falling and it has been regular since then. What sort of problem is this? I have noticed the hairs on my chest usually fall during the sleep. Is it some nutritional problem? I am very scared, whom to contact, whom to consult?

Dandruff can lead to hair fall on scalp. As your other hairs are also falling, you need to rule out Thyroid hormone deficiency. You have to consult Endocrinologist and Skin specialist (for dandruff).