Hi Doctor, I have a problem that I think no body loves me, that nobody will do anything for me, I never feel loved. Though my partner loves me, I always fight with him, that he does not love me. I do not like when he gives importance to his family then me. I have discussed this so many times but he is not bothered. If he is good he is good but if he is bad then he curses me badly which I do not like. I like love him doctor but he wants me to love his family also, which is not possible the same way. We are together for last 4 years but I don’t feel any trust or faith or hopes from him. However, I just love him lots and can’t stay without him. Then I don’t want to adjust also every time with his family. I want to live my life freely happily with him. I am really going mad doctor over all this issues. We are still not married also and has not told his parents yet as he doesn’t want to hurt them so early as I m of other caste. I don’t know doctor I feel like committing suicide.

I’m surprised to know that you are in such a close relationship and how come he has not disclosed this relation to his parents. You love him so much but in 4 years, he has not given you trust, faith or hope. Considering these facts I think, what keeps you in relation is not your love but your emotional dependence on him. When you feel that your expectations are not meet in any relations then it is a time to introspect and analyze your needs. Reexamine your relationship, be clear about what you want in relationship and then discuss your feelings keeping that background in mind. I am sure he will understand your feeling if he has genuine feelings for you.