Hi doctor I am facing a very big problem these days. I am married since 2 and half years and i want to have baby. I have told my husband also about it but my husband is not interested in having sex with me. It’s been a year since we have had sex. I am not able to understand what has happened to him. Earlier I used to think that because of his office stress but now this is also not a problem. In the initial year of my marriage we could not have sex since I was scared and used to have lot of pain during intercourse. But now my husband says that whenever he thinks of having sex he thinks that I will get pain and he leaves that. I am getting very frustrated and not able to understand what to do in such situation. Please help me

There may be many possible reasons behind this (eg. He may not be liking you or your body, may be involved somewhere, may have sexual problem, may be revengeful to your initial avoidance etc.), but not the one he is giving. Ask him to involve in foreplay, there is no question of pain in it. If he avoids that also then it is sure that reasons are different then what he says. Communicate with him regarding your desire to have a sex and not baby (question of baby comes after normal sexual life). Consulting a psychiatrist is also a good idea.