Hi Doc, I Have some serious problem in life to discuss. I am basically a guy with same-sex inclination. I do not know whether I am a gay or bisexual, but the inclination towards men is strong. I realized this way back in my childhood but could not do much about it. Due to social pressures (& as I didn’t have the courage to disclose it to parents), I got married about 2.5 yrs back. For first 6-7 months everything was fine and we enjoyed our sexual life. I was happy. However since wife didn’t want child before 2 yrs, I used protection. The problem happened about 8-9 months later. I have stopped getting erection during love-making. At times, I get it for a few mins and then it loses. I am now under tremendous family pressure for producing a child. Even I want to become a father as soon as possible. My wife is also not happy with me since there is zero sex life between us. On a friend’s advice I tried Sildenafil. That worked thrice, but then failed for next 2 times. I then stopped trying it. My friend told me that probably due to frequent use, my body may have become immune, and that I should again take it now (it’s been 3 months). But I am totally shattered. I know it’s not impotency or erectile dysfunction problem because I do get very hard when masturbating or when with guys. Its perhaps only due to the sexual inclination. I am totally depressed. Nothing seems to be good. Often feel like ending my life and committing suicide. Is there a way you can please help me out? We (me & wife) really need a child. What do I do? I feel guilt that she is suffering because of me only. Can’t even share this with anyone. No one knows about this problem and my inclination. What do I do? Should I take Sildenafil again & try? Is there a way for artificial pregnancy? Please help.. please!

You seem to be bisexual with predominant homosexual orientation. If you are getting strong erection with males, than try to imagine male partners during sexual act with your wife. Sometimes fantasized sexual act adds to your excitement. You may take Sildenafil under medical supervision. It never losses it’s effect because of repeated use. You may seek Psychiatrist’s help for controlling your homosexual drives, may be online to maintain your anonymity.