Hello sir, Thanks for your service first. And thanks so much for your advice last time. I have some complications from which I suffer a lot. I have never spoken it with anyone. I want to say it to you today. During my childhood, when I was 13 years, a 28 years old guy used me and penetrated his penis inside me. For that time, I dint knew what is he doing, I was just quite. He told me don’t worry nothing will happen. It’s for your good only. But as soon as he did that it was painful and I protested saying something is wrong. He released it immediately. But I had severe bleeding after that. I didn’t understand what to do and whom to tell. I suffered pain alone without telling anyone. But this thing is made me scare. Now I am looking to get married. I am not a virgin. What if my prospective husband gets me a medical test done for me? Is it detectable in the tests? Otherwise also, tomorrow if my hubby comes to know that I am no more a virgin? What to do? How to address this issue? I am very scared to get married to anyone. But my parents insist to. Please help Sir. This is killing me physiologically every day and minute.

This is unfortunate that you are a victim of sex abuse. You might have bleed because of rupture of hymen (thin skin within your vagina). However, this hymen can break even in absence of sexual activity. In other words, ruptured hymen is not sign of defloration. So do not worry about that. He won’t be able to make out that you had this, unless you will tell him. And finally, to me virginity is more psychological than physical. Psychological involvement breaks your virginity not single physical act without it.