Hello Sir, thanks a million for your extremely helpful service. I usually read many articles but the way you answer the questions in a precise and understanding manner is outstanding. My problem is I am 27, eldest in my family and working. I once fell in love with a guy but bcoz of inter-caste issue, we couldn’t get married. Later, I fell in love with a married man. I believe in the concept of soul mate and I feel that there is someone perfect made for everyone. I also found my soul mate but he is married and I know I have no future with him. I am a responsible woman and thus cannot give up my life and family on him. I know I have to move on. Therefore, I have decided to get married. However, the problem is that after having two relationships (where the men have loved me truly but no future) I don’t think I can fall in love thrice. I try my best to like a guy but I fail. May be bcoz I still feel for this married man, I am not able to feel for anyone else that way. At the same time, there is a guy is from my caste and I usually chat with him. He is a nice and cool person but I dont enjoy talking to him as he is slightly boring or maybe I get bored with him soon. However, I like him as a person but I am worried that I may not enjoy his company. I have not met him yet but I speak to him on phone sometimes and I get bored. The only problem with him is that I don’t find him interesting enough. Now, I am in a dilemma. Shall I wait for some more time and stay single until I find my soul mate again or shall I go ahead and make a practical decision by marrying this guy? I don’t have much time to wait as I am 27 and my parents are quite worried about me but at the same time I don’t want to compromise with my life by marrying a guy who is nice, educated, well settled but doesn’t tickle me that way. Please suggest. Also, there is a friend of mine whom I just adore. I think I love him but I am sure he doesn’t like me that way though he likes me as a person. This guy, lets call him V, is shy and introvert person. Sometimes, I feel like telling him about my feelings but then I am afraid that I may lose my friendship with him. Not that he will dislike me if I propose to him but because he will start feeling uncomfortable with me if I tell him that I love him a lot. Nevertheless, he is one guy for whom I have constant felt deep respect and connection from last 2 yrs. What do you say?

Thank you so much for your kind words about my efforts. I do not believe in using flowery language or giving confusing solutions. I offer straight, simple and practical solutions, which can really make difference.
It seems that you have certain fix criteria about your life partner. As first guy doesn’t interests you, better do not commit with him. Guy V is your type, so you should always take a chance to explore further and express your feelings to him. It is better to express even if you lose the friendship, as you will not keep on regretting through out your life that you never tried for him.
One more thing, while taking any decision about your marriage never try to compare him with other males who have shown love for you in past otherwise you will always get confused.