Hello Sir thanks a lot for your superb priceless service. I used to read your many articles but the way you answer the questions in this accurate and understanding manner is marvelous. My life goes on well I am 32 married person. I have a cute and lovely daughter who is 4 years old. She is very clever and healthy. She is very playful and becoming naughty nowadays. She doesn’t obey at once. Sometimes I scold her in louder way, she starts crying. Simultaneously I am afraid that if I keep on scolding her in this way, she may become the victim of phobia. So I request you to guide me how should I treat her in this age. Thanks in advance!!!

At this age she needs your unconditional love and tender care. To be naughty at times is perfectly ok, you should not shout at her for that. You also become playful with her during that time, it is one of the real treasure of life.