Hello Sir, Please help me for the following case. My father has been consuming alcohal for last 30 years. He makes issues about small small things for example:- A bottle cap left opened. Keys not found at the right place. mom preparing something accidently which he doesnt like. He has often beaten her up for these things. Also he cant tolerate the mere presence of maternal relatives. Recently they came to my house as there was some death in the family. He could not tolerate that and found out some excuse to abuse my mausi and then started beating my mother She is 52 now and I am really afraid as he might beat her badly some day…. Some details about my father. He is unemployed, left his job 20 years ago and started some businesses but because of his nature, left everything. Could you please suggest what we shall do?

Your father has problem of Alcoholism.His behavioural problems like spouse beating,abusing relatives etc. may be related to his alcoholism.He may have underlying personality disorder. You should take him to psychiatrist for Deaddiction and Rehabilitation.