Hello sir, my problem is that I love a girl and we know each other from 3 yrs. We want to marry. The problem is that we are of different religions, I m Sikh and she is Muslim. My parents are against it, I can understand their fear but don’t know how to deal with that. Moreover, I feel if I get married with her, there can be problems regarding possessiveness of my parents, MIL-DIL feud etc. etc. so what to do regarding such situations? I know I have to support my going to be wife in such cases, but my parents have done so much for making me who I am today. I can support my wife but I will feel guilty inside that I am not considering my parents in their age and caring them, because I am from a middle class family. Please help me out.

This is a sensitive issue for your parents. Knowing them, you should have thought this much earlier. Now, either you convince them or have to choose between two. Nothing else can be thought at this point.