Hello sir, I’m married women since three years, having a baby boy who is one year old. My husband is in service so we are not living with my in laws. But we used to visit there place every alternate weekends. I and my husband, we both love each other. He is very caring, loves me, adjustable in nature; but my in laws keep interfering in our life. Even in every daily decision. They keep calling us every day and want to control my home. I cope with these situations as much as I can, in 90% cases. But I’m really fed up. My husband respects and loves his parents a lot. I understand every son does this. But now we have family. We have son and I really want to get rid of this problem. Even when my son was born, he wanted to take along my son with them. I took hard words against them then he stopped. I’m worried about future when our son will be older, he will surely make him on his side. They are very clever; they used to take me like a beautiful showpiece in living room. plz advice me what should I do. I have to take some action alone bcoz I know my husband is not going to support me..plz help.

If your husband is loving, caring and adjustable then where is the confusion?! Just talk to him about your worries and concern about their over involvement in your personal life. Any caring husband will think sensibly on the issue. If he does not cooperate then you have to develop an attitude to ignore them in certain interferences. Do not worry about what will happen when your son grows old because they will also grow old and weak. At the same time you need to respect them and involve them in certain important decision of your life. Their experience and attachment for their son will also be helpful in your life.