Hello Sir, I’m friendly with a girl for the past 5 months. She was already committed when I became friendly with her. After 3 months she broke up with her bf because he refused to marry her. She called me that day and found solace in me. In turn she became close to me and we are very close friends now. She already said she doesn’t want to get into another relationship and spoil her life again. But in the process of getting close I fell in love with her. I proposed her recently saying I’m in love with her and I want to marry her in future. Both of us Christians and I think there are no barrier as per society is concerned. But she said she likes me a lot but didn’t get that feeling towards me. She said she is still thinking of her ex bf and cries a lot when she is alone. I totally understand her emotions and I’m always hurt when she is hurt. I said we both are very good friends and I have the hope we can be good life partners in future. But she says she didn’t get that feeling towards me. My question is whether she will get it towards me in future?

She may or may not; it all depends on future circumstances.