Hello sir, I m 21 yr guy, doing my engineering. I didn’t had any interaction with girls b4 my 12std .I was boys school b4. Talking to girls is not big problem. When there was a chance, I would speak freely. but after that I m too shy to even give them a smile, its like I just don’t know how to keep friendship with girls. Girls of my class know that I’m shy, but it really hurts me, I feel socially handicapped such times. Please help me. This is really affecting my life a lot. There is really no girl, to whom I can say she is my friend.

This is a very common problem faced by boys, who have not studied in coeducation (boys and girls together in school). Your problem is to take initiative in talking with girls. Best way to curb the fear is to face it. So try to talk to the girls whenever you get the chance. You may talk long on phone after your initial introduction. This may give you more confidence. Most of the girls will understand your shyness and will support you to overcome if you sound intresting to them.Try to maintain one or two relations and that’s it. I understand that it may not be that simple but you need to put conscious efforts and overcome your shyness. If you do not get success, you may try self-hypnosis to overcome your fear. There are medicines to overcome your shyness; you need to consult Psychiatrist for this.