Hello sir. I have written to you in the past as well regarding my brothers problem. My bhabhi is at her parents place and not willing to come back despite of lot of efforts from my brother’s side. You advised us to be patient as we have done our bit now if she is interested she will initiate the dialogue. I wish to tell you the development. My parents went to their place when they got to know that her uncle has expired that too we got to know it when my dad called her dad to enquire when is she coming back. They insulted my parents and said that we are not sending their daughter as your son has ill treated her. Her mother was very rude & adamant. Even the girl said she does not think that things can work out. And she has told her decision to her parents that she is not interested. It was actually a shock to my parents as instead of realizing their mistake they started to put allegations on us. My parents still said if you want we may talk to the counselor. She didn’t give a positive response even after that. My parents came back & waited for their response, because now even we want to end this relation, but with mutual consent. They didn’t call even after that. Then suddenly her father called and said lets meet up. They came to our place with their neighbors. Their neighbors initially said that the girl wants to come back provided she gets a good atmosphere at home. We still never said that we don’t want to keep her. Her mother again started shouting & said bad words against my parents & brother .The conversation started heating up & whole situation became ugly again. My brother said I can’t say anything before I speak to the girl .You should also not be forcing her as if she comes back on your pressure, she will not be happy and the scene shall be repeated. The way they blamed us, it didn’t seem that they want to send their daughters back. We don’t know what their agenda was. The final conclusion was that they shall again speak to her. She will come back only if she wants to. We know seeing the past trend that they will not call back now. We can also keep mum on the matter but our problem is that we want to get rid of that girl and they are not concluding the matter. From our end we can’t say that we want a divorce as they will demand heavy alimony which we can’t afford. Even if they ask for money we will somehow manage but she might not just come and not give divorce also. If we initiate this process of divorce with contest, my brothers’ future will be ruined as it will take years to get the divorce. What should we do? Shall we take legal course of action against them or offer them separation with mutual consent. Please advice.

Ya, that is the only option left with you.