Hello sir, I have read your advice and find them really good. Sir I am an engg. Graduate. I am in my final year. There is this girl in my college whom I love a lot. She is from a diff trade. I have proposed her a year and half back. She refused me stating that she is committed to someone else. Then again next day when we met up accidentally she told me that she was lying to me and she has no bf. Well after that I have told her so many times that I love her deeply and she told me that she doesn’t like me nor does she even want to like me. But on the contrary when I stop calling her she becomes very angry with me (this has happened many times).now there is another guy who had proposed to her (she even refused him) to accept him. He doesn’t like me talking to her. He even doesn’t like when she calls upon me to meet her with friends. Recently we had been out and he got to know from somewhere and told her a lot of things. After that I have a feeling that she is avoiding me. Because whenever I call her she hangs up my calls and says that she is busy. But on the contrary she talks to that guy almost everyday. I really don’t know whether she likes me or not but I love her a lot. There have been no girls that I have looked up to. Even the single thought of she going away from me makes me feel sick. Please help me. I am not been able to do anything lately. I am also not keeping very good health. I sometimes feel I have become a plaything for her. I don’t know what I should do. Please help me.

You cannot compel someone to love you. On other guy’s insistence if she is avoiding you then message is clear that she prefers him over you. Try to accept this fact and concentrate on your career.