Hello sir, I have left a couple of questions earlier also & I got valuable & effective answer. Again, I need your help on two concerns. 1. We are three brothers & I am 2nd child in family. Me & my elder brother both are married and my mom is suffering from mental disorder that somewhere lies between Schizophrenia & Bipolar disorder as told by psychiatrist. She is having this problem for last 14-15 years. Since that time to till now she is taking the medication on & off basis whenever situation turns bad. We take her to doctor who prescribe Risdone name tablets which she consumes it in less quantity than prescription & only for few days (when we force her) until she gets ok. Sometimes, she speaks rudely & abusively to my wife & sister in law and suspects them unnecessarily for small things and other family members also i.e. me, my brother and father when we try to make her understand about her mistake. My question is that can it cause any problem for her in future by taking Risdone tablet on less quantity and irregular basis (just for 15 days or 20 days after occurrence of problem) in term of causing any physical or more mental problem in future and is it possible that after some time this tablet will stop working because of growing age or some other reason, which is helping us now at the time of crisis. My 2nd question is about myself. I am very introvert, shy, under confident & unable to speak publicly person but I want to be good public speaker because this is the requirement of my job and can help me to grow there. Please advise me how to overcome all these shortcomings and elaborate visualization, self hypnosis and some other techniques & how can I practice for them.

Your mother requires a very regular medication in context of prescribed dose as per the doctor. As an irregular treatment or need full ailment is almost no treatment. Secondly your issues need to be dealt in and planned a structure way, you can meet a psychiatrist, psychologist or a counselor who can help you do the required.