Hello sir, I am married since 6 yrs. I am facing a big problem now days. My husband was in extra marital affair with a girl since 3 yrs. One month ago he got break up with her. He was ready to get married with her but same time he was not able to leave me. It’s our love marriage but after the marriage we realized that we are not made for each other. We had a very bad time since last 5 yrs. We are attached to each other and I love him very much. He takes care of me a lot. That girl left him because she realized that there is no future with my husband. He is deeply attached with her. Everything is finished between both of them now and that girl now hates him a lot and now she is involved with someone else. I and my husband want to live happy and he wants to forget that girl but he is not able to do that. I am supporting him fully but still he is restless. Please suggest what should I do? How can I help him to come out from all of this? He says that he found that girl perfect for him and he wants me to be like her. I don’t have so much confidence in me. He wants me to be more confident and he wants me to join personality development classes. I am not able to understand what should I do?

Probably he is not able to accept that he is dumped by that girl and that is why he is not able to forget her. He has to accept this fact and also has to accept that it’s over. If he wants some positive change in you then you should go for it.