Hello sir, I am married since 2 yrs. just after marriage we went abroad and for 2 yrs we were staying there. I and my husband had many small problems to fight for and after every fight we used to console each other that it’s because we are away from our family and friends but now when we are back, his mother is with us as she is a widow. We are still taking counseling for our stupid problems (since 1 yr). Now this counselor once said that I have an adjustment disorder after which my husband in every fight says the same which really makes me upset. He also beats me up as he has got high temper and sometimes regret for the same after he cools down, so this time after coming to India I decided to change. My counselor told me to take up all the household responsibility which I did but my mother in law wasn’t happy. She started complaining that I don’t allow her to work in the kitchen or to touch the utensils which infact I did, all in good intention but now the situation is such that my husband wants divorce from me just because I am not able to adjust with his mother and also he brings the old problems on which I have really worked on and succeeded like shopping freak and all. He doesn’t respect my parents but he expects that I will respect his mother despite of her taunts to me. He says that being a girl I should bear everything and the same is said by his mother as well, which I strongly oppose. Everyday I am undergoing lot of stress. I love him and I want to be with him but to adjust with his mother is not possible. He has one younger brother who will get married next year. His father died due to cancer 2 years back since then his mother is staying with her sisters and home nurses with whom she could never adjust and finally came to stay with us. Now even she says that it’s better that we both get separated as she doesn’t have any hope in our relationship. What should I do?

Your counselor should address these issues in her session. She should talk to your husband and counsel him as well, because only he can play a key role here. He should make to understand that an adjustment is couple’s responsibility.