Hello, Sir I am 32 yrs old and was married in Dec 2007. I am living along with my 2 brothers; I am the youngest among them. Since, I am plain graduate in Marathi medium, I didn’t have any job. Therefore, my second brother has helped me to open a shop, which I used to handle, it is a hardware shop and my elder brother is running a plywood business. But after my marriage everything changed as my wife is working women, elder brother thought we had enough money, so, now he has captured a whole business and he said their is no work for me in the shop now, and other brother is also supporting him. Now, I don’t know what to do. I am getting mentally depressed day by day. Please help me out from this situation.

Is this a real reason for them to take away your business or just under that argument they are grabbing your business?  You need to discuss with them, I’m sure you must have done that. There is no definition of enough money and that can not be the basis of taking away some one’s business. You can offer some sharing if you really earn well as they have helped you in setting your business. Do not fight with them as that will never take you any where. Do not waste your time and energy. If they are not convinced then best thing is to take this injustice as a challenge and establish your own business.  Some one can take away your premises but they can not take away your knowledge, skills, contacts etc.