Hello Sir I am 25 years’ old married women. I think that I might have depression because I think my husband doesn’t love me that much that I have expected. Ours is love marriage. We both are staying away from our home because my husband’s family do not like me much. I am not their choice. Before marriage my husband was very caring, very loving. He used to love me a lot. We never used to fight with each other earlier but now things have changed. We usually fight on alternate days. This is quite depressive for me to handle. He is an angry man and he is also having loud voice which I can’t listen. Above all he comments upon me a lot. When he fights with me. My body gets stuck in one place. I can’t say anything later after any fight. I told him please slower your voice as I can’t listen…Daily I used to cry loud…I am suffering every minute. Please tell me what to do…I can’t prepare the food also…If he fights with me…I can’t speak thereafter…I am a working lady. Please suggest me, I can’t tolerate him now .Please do something…As I love him a lot…I am not able to concentrate on anything and also I am not able to eat anything.

You have to sit together and try to go to the roots of your conflicts. When you are feeling that his attitude has changed, you have to look for the reasons that might have been responsible for it. He is commenting a lot on you that means he has some dissatisfaction from you. Try to find out and resolve.