Hello sir, I am 22 yrs old. I am very caring and in fact over understanding type. I hardly ever care for myself but I care for others to whom I become close. I had been involved with a boy of my age. We were first friends for 3 yrs then when I proposed him he said that he is just very good friend and nothing else. Then after some months he proposed me back. I accepted him. From very first day he discussed with me sexual things in chat. I first denied thinking that it’s wrong. Then thought we are now close so it’s no problem. At that time I couldn’t realise that he had come back to me just for this. Then after few days he said he wants to have sex with me. I denied strongly. We had a fight, then he tried to convince me in different ways and I got convinced. He came to my house when no one was there and said me to wear a dress which he liked, then asked me to have sex. We never had intercourse but had sex two times. Then one day he didn’t pick up my call and I shouted saying that you are playing with me. He got angry and broke up with me. I pleaded and said sorry. Still he didn’t listened. He said I can’t live with you lifelong. I’m emotionally attached with him. I still can’t forget him and when I really miss him, I remember the moments that we have spent. I sometimes fantasize sex with him too. Tell me what I should do. I sometimes feel that I am too irritating and bad, will never get a boyfriend in my life.

You did three mistakes. First, you accepted his proposal, after his denial on first instance. Second, you allowed him to take liberty in sexual talks. Third, you agreed to have sexual relations with him. In the process you developed an attachment to him and he lost interest in you. Now that he is not interested in you, he is creating guilt in you by blaming you for all this. Accept that he has gone and do not held yourself responsible for that.