Hello Sir, How r u? I am 25 years girl and in love with a guy from past 4 years, we love each other very much…I just go crazy when I even hear his name. He too loves me a lot, he is a bubbly type of character. He is a Christian and I am a Muslim girl. One day my dad saw him teasing me, when I was with my friends and my dad got a wrong impression on him that he is a play boy and warned me to be careful with him. My dad and my mom hate love and intercaste marriages. My mom’s health is not good. Her BP level is high, sugar level is high due to tension, she is scared that if I and my sister (23 years) will get married in a cultured way or not? But I can’t think a life without him. I and he spoke to his parents about our marriage and with god’s grace they agreed for our marriage. I can’t even try to convince my parents, if they come to know am in love, chances are there they’ll kill me or they’ll commit suicide. I am thinking to elope. I know its a bad idea still there is no other way .I am not worried even they hate, but they should be alive at least for my sister’s life. This makes me depressed. So please suggest me the best. Thank you

You have two options, leave him or leave them. Your life events, upbringing, emotional attachments etc will play major role in your decision. You have almost decided to elope. This is surely going to shock them and they will be shaken mentally as well as socially. However, if you are thinking of fleeing and expecting them to react in a way you think is little too much on them. Honestly, this you should have thought while getting in to relationship and taking it to deeper. Now you are at the stage where you cannot expect roses all the way.