Hello sir, greetings on my behalf. I am 25 year old, working with a BPO from last 3 years and before that did various jobs in marketing, domestic call centers. So I have been working from last 7 years. I am good looking and now can I say that am also a successful person, that’s a little info about me. I will try and use less words to explain my whole problem, I was a very good sportsman in school but due to family problems I started to work early and was involved in my work too much. List of my friends are very short but I always had one of those special best friends and they are always girls, because I was concentrating more on my work my girlfriend broke up with me and as she was cousin of my best friend, my best friend ended things with me as well which didn’t really made sense to me. After some time I saw a girl,I liked when I was in school, I met her through a friend of mine and became her best friend, unfortunately she made a boyfriend who didn’t like us together, probably because he suspected right, that I am in love with her. He asked her to choose between me and him. she choose him as she loved him so much, but she secretly kept contact with me, it’s been 2 years we were in contact and her boyfriend doesn’t know about that we shared a healthy friendship. I was always the first person she looked for any advice or help and I gave her advice and helped her so many times. It was tough for me because I love her so much, at times I even suggest her how to solve any problem if she get from his boyfriend. The thing is I never made any other girlfriend and not even friend so I can be with her whenever she needs me. Recently she ended things saying she can’t continue like that and it’s not going to work like this now and she need to take that decision of separating with me. I once told her in between that I love her but when she left me because of that I convinced her that it was just a joke and prank. I am professionally doing very well and a excellent performer but I am not happy with my job because I was always a sportsperson and adventurous guy who loves mountains. I am the youngest in my family and having a lot of pressure to do MBA. I don’t want to do that job but I am not finding any options to do something else now. I have no friends after she broke up. I tried to make few but it didn’t work. I used to smoke since school but now I’m a chain smoker and drink thrice or more in a week. Please advise what I should do to make things better in my life. Doing professionally which I hate, no friends, pressure from family for further studies to get a good position in the current industry, smoking and alcohol problem is getting bigger, causing great negative effect on my health and I’m not able to sleep as well at nights, I still try and be normal with my family and still performing well in office, try and consume time doing different things like reading but because I cant sleep even with sleeping pills and other means, I keep thinking about my life and my past. I will be grateful for your advice, regards.

First of all, you need to set your goal in life. Once decided; chart out the steps to achieve that goal and start working hard in that direction. If you do not want to pursue MBA, then convey your desire to your family members.
Try to overcome your habits by strong determination. You may take professional help for de-addiction. Finally, accept that she has left you and you have to move on.