Hello Sir, First of all thank u very much for providing this service. I am 21yr old male who got addicted to masturbation in very young age say around 10. At that time I never knew what masturbation is, but I used to do it unknowingly because I used to get pleasure though semen never used to come out. Since then I regularly masturbate at least 5 times a week. Semen also comes now. My concern is I am Very lean and my mustache has not grown yet. I weight around 110lbs and have a height around 173cms. I want to know if I am losing weight due to this habit. And also my mustache. I seriously want to get out this habit. I always feel guilty because of it. I am scared how the society will look at me for this. I always tried to get out of this problem. Once for 1 month I could avoid doing this. Then again I got addicted…I somehow want to get rid of this. Please provide me the right solution! Thank you once again!

Your physical problems have nothing to with your masturbation. Weight loss may have other reasons. Society never going to know about your masturbation unless you will announce that and I’m sure you will not!! Self control is the only way out.