Hello sir, first I would like to say thanks for your humble advices & guidance. Sir, I have friend (female) & she is having boyfriend since childhood. They were too close to each other from childhood, but due to circumstances of the family they have to marry with different people. After 7 yrs of my friend’s marriage life now the stage came when she is going for divorce (as boy was drunkard). And she is emotionally attached with her childhood friend & he is also emotionally attached with her & supporting her from the beginning. He was aware that she is not happy with her husband, he was consoled her. My friend having child of 6yrs & his friend has 2 daughters. After I read your articles I have contumely guide her to leave such a relation but as she is emotionally attached with him she can’t control herself & she is arguing that as they have no physical relations so it’s not wrong decision. But she is addicted to her long phone calls etc. so please guide me that is it ok from their side. Or if not how can I guide her to take correct decision. Please sir I desperately need your guidance.

She may not be only attached to him but also emotionally dependent on him. Naturally even an idea of leaving him can produce lots of anxiety and she will start rationalizing her behaviour. Under such circumstances she is not going to listen to you. So I think, you should not interfere in to this matter.