Hello Sir Can you please explain what is the difference between high blood pressure and GAD, OCD. I am 20 yrs old, student of engineering. I am taking medication venlorxr150, paxidepcr25, etizola 0.5 (3 times), for GAD, OCD, under a psychiatrist. My father suffers from high blood pressure and he takes medications for it ,,,many times I get feeling of intense fever and warm body warm forehead my doctor says that it is happening due to stress ,it does disappears when I take medication,, ,,,Sir I fear of having hyper tension since my father has it ,,,,,2.> Also Sir I want to ask ,can people suffering from GAD,OCD, can be treated with medications available for High blood pressure as these medications are low cost, and few dose is required ,can you please answer .Thank You.

GAD and OCD are Anxiety spectrum disorders. Anxiety and Hypertension can be interrelated but in that case anxiety will be primary. You should never take antihypertensive to treat anxiety neither these medicines can relieve anxiety. If cost is bothering you then ask your doctor to suggest you cheaper options.