Hello, I really like a girl of MBA class. My friends say she is not that beautiful, but to me she is a very nice girl and adorable. I am charmed with her personality. She is sober, smart and kind (I find it rare in any woman), but along with these quality, she belongs to very rich family (way richer than my family). I am a very shy person and I never approach any girl first on my own. But I have become a very close friend to her, because she approach me first (believe me, maybe because she is smart and kind). I don’t know whether she has boyfriend or not, but rumor says she is having affair with a corporate hotshot. Meanwhile, adding more complication, another boy of my class, who also likes her, is planning to propose her. I am very serious about this girl; in fact, this is the first time I have become serious about any girl in my life. I always thought this happens in cinemas only, but I really think about her all the time. I long her so much that I think about her when I am eating, studying, attending lectures and even when I am dreaming. Is this love or just infatuation? Now, what should I do? Should I propose her? And risk my friendship? How can I know how much she loves her boyfriend (if she really has one)? What should be my next steps? I am eagerly waiting for your answers.

You have a crush on her, may be you can call it love. However more important is whether she has similar feelings for you or not. You seem to be pretty involved from your side so you should not wait, particularly when someone else is also trying to propose her. While proposing her, you have to prepare yourself for negative answer. She may deny your proposal and you should be ready to digest the fact.