Hello Dr. Just flipping the pages of ‘femina’ magazine, I came across this website and thought of surfing through it. After having a look at it for about a while I was surprised to see that you literally advice and help people and those people have actually found solutions to their problems. Hats off to you sir!! Coming to my problem, it’s a peculiar one. I am married since one year now. My husband and I decided to have kids after a year. Because of certain insecurities or lack of knowledge, my husband was afraid to have intercourse. Time fled and gradually we were only involved in foreplay and he ejaculated after rubbing the penis on vagina with clothes on. (He also had insecurity in using condoms) Now, after one year had passed, we decided to have proper intercourse, but before planning we decided to visit our doctor since I have hypothyroidism. Doctor suggested me to reduce at least 10 kgs weight before conceiving. (Currently my weight is 71.5 kgs). When we actually tried to have intercourse we were unable to find a situation in which insertion can take place. We have just tried once till now. Does this happen with everyone? How much time will we take to have proper intercourse? Can you please guide me as to how to reduce weight? If I conceive with this weight, will there be any problems (to me or to the new life)? Does hypothyroidism has any effect on the pregnant woman or to the baby inside?

It is strange that you did not have intercourse for one year and that too out of ignorance! Anyway, every novice couple may have problem with proper insertion. Do not get impatient; it is a matter of practice and gaining experience after each act.
Hypothyroidism usually causes weight gain. You may find enormous advises on how to lose weight. I will tell you three simple things. Proper control of thyroid function. Stop sugar in all forms (body will start utilising fat). Start exercising; at least 40 min/day (gradually reach to 40 min target). Anything more than these will add to your benefits.
You may conceive with this weight and hypothyroidism is not going to bother much under medical supervision.