Hello Dr. I am a graduate. I met this guy and after some 5 days he proposed me that he likes me. After 2 days I went for night out at his place and we kissed and smooched. That’s it. But he never said anything beyond likeness. I felt a sense of insecurity also. We continuously met for 1 month, with all other friends meeting together but when my friends got busy, we never met after that. I told him that I like him, but he was never ready to talk on the matter…but was always honest to me. He had a girl as a friend who liked him but he never took her as more than a friend. I want to ask as to does he still have feelings for me as he said he will continue liking me but is very busy now to even call me or message me after he went to different city for his studies.

Probably he does not have courage to tell you that he is not interested further and that’s why putting such excuses foreword. Going for night out within 2 days and involve in kissing might have turned him off in the serious relationship.