Hello Dr, I am 24 yrs old and have done love marriage with a Maharashtrian guy against my parent’s wishes. I had taken advice from you couple of times & showed firmness but then too my parents didn’t wished to agree. I informed my parents & got married. It was a big occasion & everyone from my in-laws side where invited. It was done in a traditional way. I invited my parents but they didn’t turn up, neither had they talked with me properly. After marriage I tried to call them & talked with them but they didn’t talk. It has been 6 months now. I’m in US now. I called them again & tried to talk with mom, but again she didn’t talk properly. As of now I think none of my rest of the family knows about it. I am scared how I will face everyone. I want to be bold enough and answer everyone but you know how our narrow-minded gujju society is. Apart from all this I even sometimes scare to talk with my own parents. I don’t know why? My hubby & his family have been behaving very well with me. Also I am very happy marrying to him. I don’t have any kind of problem in his family. Apart from that they take care of me very much. I need your help with my parents. How can I again build the relation? How can they talk with me? How do I stop worrying about all this & settle down the matter? Sometimes I start crying thinking about them. I know that if they would have agreed then all this wouldn’t have happened. Ultimately they should be happy seeing their daughter happy & stop thinking of the stupid society. I would be very grateful again if you help me once more in showing more boldness. Thanks a lot..

You have married against their wish, naturally they will feel annoyed. Rather than attempting to talk to them desperately, give them some time to digest the fact. If you are happy with your married life, do not worry about anything at present. Try to make people around you happy. After few months try to be in touch with your parents, apologise for what you did but at the same time try to justify that you thought that you will be happy with him. Do not pressurize them for anything; just keep them informed about you. Over a period of time things will settle down.