Hello Doctor, to start with I m a Hindu guy, was in a long distance relationship with this Muslim girl for the past 7 yrs. Initially it all was just a casual affair. Whenever we used to meet, we make oral love and both of us use to really enjoy. We, almost every night use to have phone sex and dirty talks with all the fantasies imagined. Later we started feeling for each other and fell in love. Last year we even had sex a couple of times. bcoz of the religion matter I could not think of getting married even though she wanted to. Last month she got married (arranged). We are still in talking terms but only formal. She tells me everything about her sex life, which really frustrates me inside. Now the problem is I can’t live without talking to her coz I am so used to it in these yrs. but talking to her she tells me that she needs to be with her hubby forever and not to call her and move on. But I’m just sulking everyday with out her and thinking she is with someone else. Please help me to get out of this

She was not going to be yours because of caste issue and you knew that fact since you started the relationship (that’s what you have mentioned). Now it’s time to accept it. Stop talking to her. At least about her personal life (sexual life) to start with and then stop talking completely.