Hello Doctor, this is my second mail to you. Basically I don’t have any problem, I’m happy and satisfied. I have learnt a lot from my past exp. right now I’m alone living with my family, but 9 months back I was going around with a guy with whom I had sexual relationship. V had oral sex lots of time but intercourse just once. Before him also I had one bf with whom I had oral sexual relationship. but now I’m working and don’t find anyone attractive after 2 relationship, I sometimes feel that now no one can love me. I’m always afraid what if my ex-bf discloses about me to others or my husband; this makes me feel bad and tensed. I want to tell everything to my partner but when I read your website then I find that v should not discuss our past as this can ruin our coming relationship, I’m confused. But ya when I’m busy, I dont think about it, boys praise my beauty but no one gets serious with me. I mean no one gets committed to me about marriage. I dont understand the reason, now I have changed my looks, I’m not much fashionable as I used to be and getting serious towards life and just concentrate on my career. But dont know why I think that I don’t deserve anyone, and I’m not a trustworthy gal and no one will marry me. All just wants to have fun with me. I have no answer for such question. My both x-bf are enjoying in their life. But me just alone. May be God is punishing me. And I think that I won’t get good husband and if I get married then also my husband will cheat me and will love some other gal. plz advice me. I will follow it. Earlier also I asked u about my x-bf. U told me that he is not interested in me and just playing with my feelings and u were right. This time also plz advice me. So that even I can have a positive thinking and should not think about past anymore. Thanks

I think your both bf took you on ride and left you once got satisfied. By heart of heart you also know this and you feel guilty about it. Because of this guilt you have negative tone about your future relationship. This is usually what happens to girls who are involved sexually in noncommittal relationships. Now that you have realized, try to overcome the guilt. Accept it as your fate and immaturity. Look foreword with positive tone. Do not live in past and prepare yourself for future.