Hello Doctor, Once again same person asking for help with different problem. (For your reference my 1st case is: I’m thin and don’t allow husband to watch vulgarity on TV or movies, because he said I’m flat.) Now his sperm count and motility is low for which I went through 2 ICSI cycles. In 1st I lost fallopian tube by ectopic case and in 2nd cycle miscarriage in 6th month of twin pregnancy. I lost my 2 girls; I saw them and now can’t control my emotions. Reason of miscarriage is incompetent cervix. This is rare case husband can’t give sperm and I can’t hold Pregnancy. I’m in severe trauma and every night I cry for my girls whom I lost. Also I’m in shock, in my pregnancy days he used to watch porn after promising me of honesty. Doctor please help me for these 2 problems. In Jan, 2010 3rd ICSI will be done on me. How should I make my mind healthy and happy?

Reasons for your unhappiness are real. Any woman in your situation will feel more or less same. You have to accept this misfortune. Only one who can really support you through this tough time is your husband, provided he understands your pain. I’m sure your gynecologist must have tried purse suturing for incompetent cervix.