Hello doctor, my problem is I have a very unstable mind. I have no control over my mind. I made many planning, routines-but could never follow it completely. When I try to stick to it forcibly, in the midway I either get diverted or bored, or feel sleepy. I am very lazy. I have many wishes in life. Then how can I be so careless? Is this a psychic problem? I wanted to be a psychiatrist. But I could not go through the entrance exams. Now I am doing BSc. Though I have started liking it but I have no inclinations towards it. No one is giving any importance to me (I think because I chose BSc.).Even my mama is underestimating me and my studies. She thinks we can get job in just 4yrs if we do engg. But most students are doing engg. I always wanted to do something unique. So I didn’t opt for engg. Though I got good rank in that. Moreover I don’t like anything in the technical line. All my relatives, neighbors, friends forced me to do that. By opposing them every time. My dislike for engg. became even stronger. So much that I said “I will do anything but not engineering.” Can’t I prove myself through BSc? Can’t I get better job than my engg. friends? But constant pressure from family is frustrating me. They don’t understand me. They don’t trust me, my capability. Especially my mom. We often have quarrels on this topic and I end up crying in my room. My problem is I don’t understand what to do next? (I like understanding minds. so I still have a desire of becoming a psychiatrist.) But in this constantly disturbing env. of home I can never concentrate. I am in a hanging position. Please guide me.

I always tell to the students, it is not branch but it is you who has a future. What ever branch you will study, successful career depends upon you and not on your degree. You don’t have to listen any body for selecting the branch, except your parents. You should listen to their views and discuss your likings.
For becoming Psychiatrist, you need to be doctor first. (You should complete M.B.B.S. and thereafter have to do M.D. in psychiatry)
To improve your mental control you need to do physical as well as mental exercises like meditation, autosuggestions etc. Prioritize your task and get after one task, one time.