Hello doctor. I’m writing to you for the third time. And I’m very satisfied with your last replies. And this time my question is that I’m in a relationship wit a girl who loves me a lot, and since the time she started loving me she has changed a lot(in Behavior) for my sake, and I’m really happy about that. Now we both are studying and we have been intimate quite sometimes. But now we are not able to give time for intimacy or for each other much as we have loads to study and even both our parents want us to spend time with them. And because of this our relationship is getting dull and is affected. And even our understanding levels have come down now. And we will be able to marry only if we study well now and we are doing the same. And as far as I am concerned I’m very romantic but she’s pretty opposite to me in this case. So when I ask her for intimacy she sometimes reject it but most of the time she accepts my request but finally she won’t be able to do it as either her parents or her studies come in between. So please let us know what best we can do now. Without intimacy and romance our relationship has become very dry. And even please let me know how I can make her understand my needs and how we both can keep our relationship romantic, nice, and happy. And for your information let me tell you that we fight a lot for small reasons but we return back to normal soon, and I’m very possessive about her, and we are busy almost 3/4th of the day with our college, and we travel almost 70-80 km a day.

Relationship does not mean only sex (I think that is what you mean by intimacy and romance). You have to nurture it with love, understanding and passion. Even if you may not get time to have sex, you can talk, share and laugh together. This will strengthen your emotional bond. Women value communication, sharing, and emotional warmth more than sex. For them sex is a byproduct of this. So try to shift your focus on those things rather than sticking to sex all the time.